Video Game Music Month
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VGMM ’14: Top Gear 2

by on July 11, 2014

Title Theme


Paul Hiley, Patrick Phelan, Ashley Bennett

Originally Appeared



Gremlin Interactive




Summer of 1994, I was at Blockbuster Video (for real), had $50 in my pocket to burn from a birthday gift, and there it was, Top Gear 2, shrink-wrapped and only $49.99, it was mine! Little did I know how much I’d enjoy this game, and how great of a soundtrack it has!

My friends and I spent hours on Top Gear 2. One of my favorite things about Top Gear 2 (besides its soundtrack) is you could upgrade your cars. Up until this point, I hadn’t played a racing game that’d let me swap out an engine, transmission, and tires. Money from winning races became mandatory, and I couldn’t wait to see what the next stage would be like. Let’s just say, when I got to a stage with rain and other weather effects, it was mind-blowing.

Top Gear 2 didn’t have a save system, but as you progressed, the game would display a long code you could enter, so you could resume from that spot. My friends and I would write down every code, but we forgot to write down what car we had or what point of the game the code referenced. Needless to say, we’d spend a lot of time in the menus entering codes until we found the one we wanted. As we spent much time entering codes, there was a song that played repeatedly, we’re going to call it ‘Title Theme’. Title Theme can best be described as dance-based, upbeat, synth-heavy, and lyrical sample dropping. Although, what everyone will remember from Top Gear 2’s Title Theme are the lyrical samples. After one listen you won’t forget, ‘Here we go now!’, and ‘You might be missing some of the benefits stereo can provide!’.