Video Game Music Month
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VGMM ’14: Super Double Dragon

by on July 5, 2014

Mission 01: Las Vegas


Kazunaka Yamane

Originally Appeared



Technōs Japan


Super NES


Here is one from my childhood! There is a love/hate type relationship with this track due to the difficulty of this game, at least back as a child trying to play this game.

Although this came out in 1992, I probably didn’t get into it until 1994, why? Because the Double Dragon movie came out in ’94! I remember crying wanting this game so bad, simply because I thought that movie was awesome. Although I think it was just because Alyssa Milano was in it and wanted to see if she would be in the game.

Unfortunately I don’t remember ever beating this game, however I remember spending numerous hours trying to do so. I also recall this being one of many fun co-op titles…I should really revisit this game!