Video Game Music Month
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VGMM ’14: NBA Jam

by on July 2, 2014

NBA Jam Theme


Jon Hey

Originally Appeared

1993 (Arcade), 1994 (SNES)




SNES (also, Arcade, Genesis, Sega CD, Game Boy, Game Gear)


“Is it the shoes?” The best basketball game ever made and ever will be, NBA Jam!

Everyone wants realism nowadays, but realism in video games doesn’t always equate to being the most fun. NBA Jam is turbo-fied fast paced, high flying, strongly physical bundle of basketball joy! In other words, it’s all anyone has ever wanted from a basketball video game. EA bought the rights to NBA Jam, and has tried to recreate the magic of the 1993 original, but it isn’t the same, nor will it ever be. NBA Jam is a unique gem with a theme song that gets everyone pumped up to chest check their opponents into the next time zone!

Song related, SNES version is my favorite, thus why it’s below 🙂