Video Game Music Month
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VGMM ’14: Journey

by on July 25, 2014



Austin Wintory

Originally Appeared





Playstation 3


Journey is one of my favorite games from last generation. A completely unique yet simple concept, Journey is an emotional gaming experience that should not be missed. This game totes some of the finest graphics I have ever seen. Developers, thatgamecompany, are not new to making pretty games. Their previous entries, Flower and flow, are also visually stunning. But they can’t compare to this tour de force.

Hearing Austin Wintory’s score transports me right back into the sandy-hilled world of Journey. Only a couple of minutes into my first play-through, I was greeted by a fellow cloaked traveler. Together, we progressed through the entire two hour experience. I never knew who this person was until the end-credits rolled. There was something very special about this; not knowing who I was playing with and not being able to chat with them added this level of mystery, which tied in perfectly with the overall tone of the game.

Austin Wintory created a mesmerizing score, which even won a Grammy award. This is a soundtrack that I still listen to every once in a while. If I were to never return to Journey again,it wouldn’t bother me because I will always have that memory of experiencing it for the first time: the visuals, the camaraderie, the mystery, and most of all, the music.