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VGMM ’14: Perfect Dark

by Oscar Venturaon July 22, 2014
Nintendo 64 FPS players have already gone down memory lane with Facility in Goldeneye 007. The only song almost as memorable is Perfect Dark’s Institute.

VGMM ’14: Goldeneye 007

by Oscar Venturaon July 20, 2014
Oh! The man with the Golden Gun! The game which featured the Rumble Pack on its cover! Yes, it’s time for Goldeneye 007!


VGMM ’14: Bomberman 64

by Oscar Venturaon July 14, 2014
This was one of my most memorable multiplayer games, and also the first game I can clearly remember unleashing some rage! Bomberman 64!

VGMM ’14: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

by Oscar Venturaon July 3, 2014
The one that still sends chills down my spine! The first time you visualize how amazing the game is and are presented with how majestic Hyrule Field is!