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‘X-Men Days Of Future Past’ Brings Back Bryan Singer And Smoothes Over All The Continuity Problems Of The Previous Films

by on June 8, 2014

Clears up all the continuity problems from previous X-Men films.


Someone other than Wolverine could take the lead for a change.

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X-Men is one of the longest running comic book movie franchises without a reboot. Hopefully Days Of Future Past paves the way for the continuation of the series.


Every Marvel Movie that you enjoy you owe to X-Men. Before Iron Man, before Spider-Man, X-Men was the first movie based on a Marvel Comic to reach blockbuster success ( Okay, technically Blade came first but most people didn’t know of Blade as a Marvel character before the movie came out).

STOP! Hammer Time!

STOP! Hammer Time!

Somehow the X-Men franchise has managed to outlive Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man series, and Christoper Nolan’s Batman series. It hasn’t been easy though.
Much like the X-Men comic books of the 90’s, the X-Men movies have managed to let their continuity contradict itself and their time line get muddied. The first two Bryan Singer helmed X-films did a great job of capturing the tone of the X-Men comic books and translating them to screen. Then Singer left and and the abysmal “Last Stand” with it’s Game Of Thrones level of character deaths seemed to leave no room for sequels.

Woah! Even I wouldn't kill off Jean, Scott and Professor Xavier in the same movie.

Woah! Even I wouldn’t kill off Jean, Scott and Professor Xavier in the same movie.

Wolverine:Origins seemed to be the final nail in the coffin as many of it’s characters and events directly contradicted those in the earlier movies. When X-Men:First Class came about most people assumed that it was a reboot of the franchise but it turned out not to be, though again, many events in the film directly contradicted already established continuity. The Wolverine, thankfully didn’t mess with anything. Which brings us to the newest X-Movie.

X-Men: Days of Future Past through clever time travel logic manages to fix all the continuity errors of the other previous films. The film starts out introducing us to a dystopian future filled with mutant hunting sentinels. Bishop, Warpath and Blink are introduced into the X-Men cinematic universe as is Sunspot. All are underused as has been the trend since “Last Stand”, basically any mutants introduced beside the main characters are relegated to “Spot the mutant” cameos.

I found Leather Bondage guy!

I found Leather Bondage guy!

The surviving X-Men in this future include Charles Xavier, Magneto, Shadowcat , Storm and of course, Wolverine. It’s Wolverine who gets sent back to the past (instead of Kitty Pride in the original story) to stop an assassination that leads to the horrible sentinel filled future. It’s the past circa 1973 where the bulk of the film takes place. Picking up after X-Men First Class, Charles is a broken man, both physically and mentally after his violent falling out with Magneto in the previous film. Magneto meanwhile, is being held forty floors beneath the pentagon for the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Wolverine,Beast and Xavier recruit Quicksilver, a mutant able to move at super speed to help them break Magneto out of prison. The scenes with Quicksilver are easily the most fun in the whole movie. Evan Peters plays Quicksilver perfectly and it’s a shame that he’s not in more of the movie. Thankfully, Bryan Singer has confirmed that he will be returning for the next flick X-Men Apocalypse. quicksilver
Wolverine and co. manage to foil the assassination but other events lead them to an even worse situation. Does everyone’s favorite Canadian berserker manage to save the day and prevent the future from ever coming to be? What do you think? I won’t give away the ending but I will say that after Days of Future Past the X-Men are free of continuity errors and ready to move on to the next phase of their cinematic existence.

Days of Future Past, despite the time travel angle is surprisingly easy to follow and a fun popcorn movie to indulge in for a couple of hours. Much was made about the old cast from the first three movies and the First Class cast coming together presumably for some mega movie, but alas, it’s really First Classes show. Old Xavier and Magneto, along with Storm, Kitty, and a couple of others really only show up for glorified cameos. Of course, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy and Jennifer Lawrence are more than capable of carrying the movie. Hugh Jackman is Wolverine so his performance is really critic proof at this point.


Hugh Jackman on the set of Les Miserables

All in all X-Men Days of Future Past is one of the better movies to feature Marvels Merry Mutants and now that all the continuity issues have been resolved it can only get better from here.

Especially if they add in this guy...

Especially if they add in this guy…