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Let us watch Indie Game: The Movie

by on October 29, 2012

It was nicely shot, the switching between each story kept you interested in each equally. A few Boston shots will always get bonus points!


All success stories! Indie failures are part of the struggle!

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Lets kick off with saying that this is out of the normal here, but its gaming related so it makes sense to cover it! Sure it’s a little late, but better late than never! It wasn’t until the most recent PAX East that I came to the realization that Indie games are the real reason to walk the demo area. The lines for all of the AAA titles are either closed or have a 2 hour wait. In comparison to all of the other games, there is a wait of one or two people! Obviously it depends on the popularity of the game, but next year I’ll definitely be checking out a lot more of the indie titles. Fez was on the floor last year and I completely missed it! I feel foolish for waiting for the big games when gold was right in front of me!

Back on track, Indie Game: The Movie was on my must watch list ever since I heard of it, but I never bit. Not exactly sure why but it was one of those things that I kept putting off for something else. Part of the reasoning for not watching has to be my fiance not liking Documentaries… That put aside I managed to watch this, and couldn’t believe why I didn’t watch it sooner. The movie was shot beautifully, following the creators of Fez, Super Meat Boy, and Braid. The struggles from start to finish in a business that is highly dominated by the big names, and to be a small fish in that pond and try to compete is insane!

Each emotion running through their heads was filmed in a way that it put you in that situation. Each of people interviewed had some sort of way to connect with you as a gamer. There is a scene in which Edmund McMillen, one of the developers for Super Meat Boy, describes his childhood along side some of his artwork. To see a thought from a young age, and later realizing that the creations you are doing are still somehow related with what you envisioned as a child was breathtaking. I related with this so much, as I drew all over my notebooks in school, nothing good, but in my mind, always master pieces. Creating comic strips, coming up with crazy story lines with friends to put your characters in dumb scenarios, good times!

There is a lot to learn from this documentary, specially that hard work pays off. The love these guys show for their product comes out when we play their games. Definitely check out this flick if your a gamer, or even remotely interested in the world of indie game development.

[box_dark]Where to watch[/box_dark]

  • You have the option on getting the movie directly from the film makers themselves: Indie Game: The Movie They offer an instant DRM free option, or for a physical copy, they have DVD and BluRay, some with Special Editions including extras!
  • The second option would be to get it off Steam – Indie Game: The Movie for $9.99
  • Lastly and probably the most common option would be to watch it off Netflix Instant (US) if you have a subscription!