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Tower of Guns Review

by on April 21, 2015

+Quick pick up and play
+Difficult when needed
+Secret rooms are well hidden
+Randomized enemies within levels


-Enemies randomly pop up when entering rooms
-Levels aren't randomized like the enemies are.
-Boss patterns are fairly easy to figure out.


Tower of Guns is a first person shooter rogue-like game by Terrible Posture Games. Tower of Guns is available for Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Windows, OS X, and Linux. It is meant to be played in short bursts as it features perma-death within all of its modes. There are a variety of storylines, that can be paused or resumed at any time. Tower of Guns also features randomized levels with a variety of enemies, making each playthrough unique.


Initial Thoughts
I dove into Tower of Guns not knowing anything about the game, or even the studio behind it. At first I thought this was going to be an everyday typical shooter. Coming from a Call of Duty background, I figured it would play similar to that. Also, Tower of Gun’s artwork artwork reminded me of Borderlands, so I figured it might play like that. Instead I was met with a truly interesting and unique first person shooter that I’ve ever experienced.

Post Thoughts
The only goal of the game is to reach the top of the tower. Granted there are plenty of difficult obstacles along the way, you shoot your way around, or even skip right through, but who wants to avoid all of the fun?
There isn’t much of a story, making this Tower of Guns more of an experience. Although as an experience, Tower of Guns doesn’t feel incomplete. There is quirky and funny dialog, which isn’t necessary to the game’s development, and interestingly enough, dialog can be turned off.
Lately, perma-death has been a major feature of a lot of games. Tower of Guns rewards you for completing goals like killing a certain number of enemies, taking damage, shooting, and more. These perks are meant to aid you in finishing the game, which could be done in a single run as seen in the video, or making the game a lot harder.TOG_Screen_05b
Each time you open a door is a new room, however this room could be one that you’ve seen before. Rooms are more randomly selected than procedurally generated. However, enemy locations are completely random no matter how many times you enter a room. It helps that the game is meant to be replayed because you’ll pick up on the layout of each room, and eventually will figure out which rooms to skip because they’re too difficult, and which rooms to complete for power-ups and experience. Each room also features secret rooms which would be just about everywhere you would not expect them to be. Some secret rooms can only be reached with certain perks or items equipped, and others are hidden behind invisible walls or even under stairs (if you happen to check there). There are a bunch of hidden rooms, but after figuring out each layout, you’ll know the pattern that leads to all hidden goodies.
The only thing that bothered me about Tower of Guns were what appeared to be empty rooms. Only to take a few steps inside, then a massive amount of enemies spawn, sometimes even in front of your face. Whether it is an intentional scare tactic or just a random event, it bothered me.
TOG_Screen_01bTower of Guns can be played in two ways, speed running or endless mode. Speed running is a bit like it sounds, beat the boss as quickly as possible. However, you can also fight for a higher score before defeating the boss, so you can brag to your friends that you beat it in the same time as them but with a higher score. Endless mode is all about staying alive as long as you can to set the highest possible score. The video below demonstrates speed running and endless mode.

Verdict – Download or pass?
Playing Tower of Guns on Xbox One gave me reason to believe there is a market for an arena shooter on the console. A game that forces everyone to experience how PC players enjoy their games, without auto-aim. That being said, I enjoyed it a lot but would have enjoyed it a lot more on PC. However this is an Xbox One review! Going by that, I would probably avoid Tower of Guns on console and get it on PC instead. If your options are limited to console only, then definitely get it. It’s not a hardcore game unless you add the perks to make it such. It’s meant to be enjoyed in small bursts, and that’s how I will play the game.

Where to get the game
Get the game now available through Steam, Xbox Live, and PlayStation Network.

Terrible Posture Games provided DRULcast with a Xbox One review code.
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