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The cute Halloween with Witch Wars!

by on October 31, 2012

Easy to learn but hard to master. Character balance is great when it comes to the skills. Great artwork.


Tedious getting enough coins to progress, as a completionist, this game is a nightmare! Having to be constantly connected to a data plan is annoying!


Witch Wars is a mixture of a couple of games, the two that I could think of right now is Bejeweled and Puzzle Fighter. The premise is to eliminate your enemies health by using skills or by matching three swords on the grid you are presented. All of this is going down as your opponent is also trying to do the same to you, so realistically its the battle of who can match as many items as possible.

There are tactics though, and each of the items presented on the board do certain things. For example the Spell books raise your magic, which you save up until you can cast a spell. The swords inflict direct damage to your opponent. The health bottles grant you health, and the handcuffs lock up a random block on your opponents side for a few seconds. Lastly thought we have the most important and those are Coins. I say they are the most important because once each game is over, you will be able to use said coins to upgrade your skills, health, how much damage each sword does, how much magic you gain for getting the spell book. Aside from that, the coins are also used for permanently unlocking Witches.

The game starts you off with one Witch permanently, but every day they give you a different Witch to play with for free, only for the day though.

There are 3 game modes, the multiplayer which was explained above, an Infinite Mode which lets you play until a bar up top reaches the end. Its not really infinite, but you can play for a long time, on average I was getting around 200 coins at level 10. The other game mode is called Flash Mode where you get 1 minute to score as much as you can.
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The only mode I truly enjoyed starting off was Infinite Mode. The only reason why is because everyone else playing the game is really experienced. They use characters which are either maxed out or almost max. Each of their skills take a huge chunk out of your health, and it doesn’t make multiplayer any fun. Sure every now and then you’ll be put up against another low level person, but most of the people playing now are high level. If you really wanted to you could technically take the easy way out and “Pay to Win” by buying some coins.

That brings me to the characters, or Witch’s you can buy Like I said, there are 7, one for free, the rest will cost you 3000, 4800, 6400 x2, and 9900 x2. That’s a lot of coins… On an average multiplayer game I would get anywhere from 20-40 depending on the opponent. On Flash mode, because you only have a minute to accomplish as many combos as possible, I would just about the same amount, from 20-40. The big ones come from Infinite Mode, depending on how focused you are you could get anywhere from 150-200. Obviously Infinite mode is the way to go, start off by practicing because as soon as you go to Multiplayer, each of those matches are ranked and you either gain or lose from the leader boards!

Then again, like I said, you could always pay…your best option would be the $10 option, the cheapest option to get some coins, 11,500 to be exact and remove those pesky ads as well. Let’s say you want to unlock all of the characters, that’s 40,400 coins! In other words, it will cost you OVER $50 for their 75,000 coin option to be able to unlock all of the Witch’s and have some spare to upgrade some stats! That’s insane for a mobile game! So let’s just get a single character and focus on that one! But wait, looking over the stats, just to get level 1 for each of the stats, that will cost you 4800 coins! That’s JUST to get level 1 on everything! Comparing this to their coin packages, that’s just about $5 for their 5500 package. Truthfully though, the majority of the cost comes from your 3rd skill, which costs 3450 just to upgrade that. So it would probably be best to leave that for last!

Looking at the calculations above, if you were to unlock all of the Witch’s and get all of their skills to level 1, you are looking at their $50 option because it will cost you 74000 to accomplish that, you’ll end up with an extra 1000 coins to do as you please with! Removing the “Pay to Win” mentality from this, it would take you 2467 games of either Multiplayer or Flash with an average of 30 coins per game. By playing Infinite mode and getting at least 175 coins, your looking at playing 423 rounds. This is probably your best option! 57 games to be able to unlock a 9900 Witch, not that bad. It is still a lot of money to spend if you plan to “Pay to Win” but the game is fun, I definitely see my self playing this whenever there is down time, so just focus on Infinite Mode and you’ll unlock everything without spending a dime!

Each of the Witch’s have their own voice actors too, which make buying a character so much more personal. I would suggest playing at least once daily in order to play with each. The skills are very different between all of them and its a blast to see what they each do! Once you find your favorite, just save up and buy her! This way your not wasting your coins on characters, instead you’ll be spending it on your favorite Witch and upgrading skills!
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The game is free to play, so definitely check it out! It’s a wonderful time killer, and really fun too. I would probably avoid multiplayer until your familiar with the skills and with what everything does. Once you figure that out, you’ll be able to decide whether or not the game is worth “buying”. My rule of thumb is, how much fun has this game provided me with? Is it worth me giving the developers a dollar to remove the ads? Or is it worth a little more to unlock some coins with it as well? If you think that it was, then spend some cash, if not, then just play it!
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