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State of Decay Lifeline Review

by on June 11, 2014

New map
New vehicles and weapons
New characters
New missions


Difficulty may be too brutal (maybe?)
Some texture pop-ups
Few glitches


If you didn’t think State of Decay could get any better than it already was then you’re wrong. Undead Labs gives us Lifeline, and trust me when I say you’re going to want someone throwing you one. Lifeline puts you in the shoes of the military at the beginning of the outbreak, as you attempt to rescue VIP stranded around the city; while this is going on you can attempt to save random civilians, stranded soldiers, or defending against an oncoming zombie siege.


Lifeline’s gameplay is very similar to State of Decay’s original gameplay, but this time around stealth was switched out with action. The level of difficulty has also jumped with this DLC, you will find yourself loosing civilians and soldiers alike. You play as Major Hawkes who commands a unit known as Greyhound One, and are tasked with rescuing VIP’s that are trapped throughout the city; as well as civilians trapped throughout the city, which will call for via Vienna Cho, who is a radio broadcast host. You still don’t get much for story in Lifeline, but it doesn’t take away from the game as it leaves you wondering what the Hell’s going on. You do get an understanding of urgency as you listen to the radio chatter coming in, as well as status updates in your journal of what is happening around the world.

One of the greatest features added in Lifeline is the sieges, and just how brutal and awesome they can be. When I made it through my first siege I thought myself a bad-ass, and I felt as if nothing was going to stop me in this game; and then I as Siege number 3 showed up lost everything in a matter of minutes. Lifeline gives you lots of resources and firepower right off the bat, but it can also destroy in just a moment. Other than the siege there are also Danger Zones which you can identify as red spots on your map, and entering these zones is very daring as you will be rushed by an endless supply of zombies.



Visually Lifeline doesn’t really change from it’s original game, other than the massively new map. Driving around the highway, on the outskirts of the city I took in the environment, and just loved it. There were broken building missing a chunk of their side, and explosions going off in the distance; as I walked around the outskirts of the city I took in the destruction and roads full of bodies and cars. Just like their original release everything in this game is well placed and makes sense, and not just mashed together. Gas station, apartment buildings, and offices are all appropriately placed and detailed. There also seems to be more zombies on screen this time around, especially during the siege or danger zones. The new vehicle also fits in perfectly with the surrounding; as well as the new guns, which are loads of fun use. I found myself defending my base with grenade launchers and some awesome assault rifles, and being able to change firing modes was such a great ideas.

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Bottom Line

State of Decay: Lifeline is an amazing DLC, and if you love zombie action and panicking then this is for you. Whole new map, weapons, vehicles, and characters (Hawkes was my favorite) makes this one of my most favorite DLC's ever. Definitely worth its value I highly recommend it to all zombie lovers out there. I can't wait to see what Undead Labs brings us next.