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Screencheat Review

by on March 1, 2016

+Variety of game types
+Funny rag doll physics on death


-Gets stale
-Could get confusing, can cause headache


Years back I remember gaming with my cousins during school vacations, pulling all nighters having a blast. Back then kids…there was no internet to let us connect and game together, instead…imagine this world; a world where you’re physically next to someone, plugging in controllers to a console and sitting in front of the television set gaming. Yeah, that’s how we gamed and it was a blast. The first game I remember playing was Goldeneye 007 on Nintendo 64 and couple of years later that evolved to Perfect Dark 64. Playing on a tube television with four quadrants to split us up to a tiny screen, and expect not to look at your opponents screen is a load of crap. As kids of course we are competitive and want nothing more than to win. Of course we would look at each others screens and figure out where to go, it was easy, it was the thing to do to win. Even if it was considered cheating, there was really no way around it, but it made those games fun.

Screencheat by Suprise Attack Games is a first person shooter where you are encouraged to screen cheat in order to see where your opponents are. The only change in this modern twist to an old form of gaming is that you are also allowed to play online as well. Simply form a party chat and it’s almost the same as if you were sitting next to each other, minus the physical violence and smells that come with that though.

Screencheat plays just like any first person shooter out there, you see a gun, and you move around the map to find your target. The issue here is that everyone is invisible and you have to rely on two things in order to figure things out, one of them is to obviously look at your enemies quadrant of the screen and head towards it, and the other is to feel them out. As you run into someone else in the map your controller vibrates to indicate that you are near someone. This feature is by far one of the most clever additions to the game as it is subtle but works wonders when in a pinch. The best feature has to be Party Mode where it just keeps swapping out the game types in between rounds. It beats playing the same thing repeatedly to the point it gets stale like most games do as of late. Additionally you are given the option to create teams and go to battle as a group, the problem however is friendly fire, so tread carefully!

Given the option to play this game online was completely out of the question, I wanted the full old school experience of hanging out with friends, and that’s exactly what I set out to do. Below you can watch the video of how exactly that turned out. Although it isn’t shown in the video below, Party Mode is the game type that keeps everyone entertained. The issue is that every weapon is a single shot kill which gets stale quick. But I started thinking of adding health to the game would end up ruining the experience. I’m in limbo…I honestly don’t know what is missing or what needs help but after about an hour, I’m moving on to another game. Which is odd considering in the past I remember having all nighters and never getting bored. Maybe it’s knowing I have options, unlike back in the day where the number of games owned were in the single digits. If you’re living with roommates who game with you or if you have siblings living with you I can highly recommend Screencheat as it is one of those party games that everyone would be able to enjoy, even if the people playing don’t consider themselves as gamers it is simple enough to pick up and play.

Surprise Attack Games provided DRULcast with a XBOX One review token.

Additional Info
Screencheat is now available on Steam | GOG | Humble | Xbox One | PS4 for $14.99.
For more information please visit the official site at: Samurai Punk

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