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Ridiculous Fishing Android Review

by on December 23, 2013

Quick pick up and play
Light learning curve


Lower tiered weapons seem better than some of the higher ones.


Ridiculous Fishing is simple, just takes a lot on concentration! The goal is to first avoid all of the fish on the way down, let your line finish, and on the way up… hook as many as you can! The best part… once your line returns to the surface, the fish are all tossed up into the air! Here is where the best part comes… HUNT YOUR FISH! Shoot them all and collect your bounty. This game uses your devices gyroscope to navigate down to the depths of the sea, and then it uses your touch screen to blast the fish!

A must have for any mobile gamer! At $2.99 it is a bit for a game, but honestly…it is well worth it, you’ll have a blast playing this. The game eases you in with just a few meters of reel at start to work your way up into buying additional reels, and power ups. The shop consists of clothing which increases the value of the fish, reels which let you fish deeper, new weapons to gun down the fish faster, a saw which lets you zip on down faster, and the most important are the life savers which grant you an extra life. On the way down you might hit a fish, and items such as a blow dryer or a toaster come to rescue you from having to reel back up when you hook a fish.
I’ve been playing this for a while and the greatest challenge is reaching the bottom, all of the levels (except for the last) has an end fish worth a lot! So catch it and kill it! Oh and avoid the jelly fish…they will charge you for killing these, so DO NOT…capture them, they are painful.

At $2.99 it might seem like a lot. But think of all of the games you’ve played that are free, or that are $.99…what do they all have in common? They ALL beg you to purchase packages of coins, gems, or whatever other fake currency they have out there. This game rids of ALL in game purchases, just pay the $2.99 and forget about all of those annoyances out there. No begging you to like them on social media, no advertisements, the way every game should be!

I absolutely love this game, it is perfect for any scenario where you need to kill some time. The different levels each have a reel limit, just knowing this is enough to calculate how much time you’ll be on a level, so if you need something fast, obviously just play the first one. There are many weapon options for you to play with as well, from single shot pistols, to dual uzi’s or even mini-guns. Yeah…they are all fun. Check this game out, you won’t regret it!

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