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Oh what a Bind of Colours

by on October 2, 2012

Includes level creator!




I started this game wondering what the hell am I getting myself into. Not a bad way though, simply put, I figured a game like this would be best played on a mobile platform like my phone for example. The second I saw the level select I said oh damn, another Angry Birds clone but on my PC. Lets just say, I went into this with some horrible expectations. With Borderlands being released and many other great games, why the hell would I stop to play this? The answer is to get my mind WORKING. These puzzles though some easy, take some thinking. Its games like Colour Bind, that make gaming different, just like Portal has done for us.


This game is extremely simple to pick up, but hard to master. The objective is to simply reach a orb with a gem in it. The problem comes with the vehicle you take control of, and the ways to manipulate gravity around you. The vehicle is simple, two wheels and a body, with the ability to rotate your tires clock and counter clockwise. There are two abilities your vehicle has and those are to expand your tires to jump, and a brake to stop your wheels from moving.

Before even entering a map, your given a clue as to how to solve the level. On the level select screen there are clues as what is to come, and how to solve it. It may be short, but it will make sense the more you restart the map to solve it. The environment is something to worry about. Each map has certain elements that change the course of gravity. Buttons are added across the map that move platforms, release objects, and even start/stop lasers. Each of the lasers when your vehicle passes through them causes your car to change to that color, and with that, the way your car behaves. Each level has a legend on the bottom displaying colors and arrows. Depending on where the arrow is aiming, and which color you are, that will be the direction your vehicle will take thanks to gravity. Your goal as previously mentioned is to get to the orb by manipulating the color of your vehicle. Simple enough right? NOPE! There are colored F’s on certain walls which let you know, if your vehicle is the same color as the F on the wall, then you good sir or madam have FAILED! Time to restart!

Designs & Controls
The level design is the same throughout the game, a colored vehicle with gray walls around you, and an in-space background full of stars which move as you do. There are many colors through the game and you notice sometimes that if your vehicle touches multiple lasers at once, it will blend to yet another color. Everything is dull, but in a way that makes your car pop up, just enough to be able to be able to focus. The main menu is pretty awesome, some of the major achievements are listed above the logo. Once they are unlocked they will glow, and making the main screen even more colorful, an example of this could be seen on featured image, with my lonely glowing orb for completing the first twenty levels.

As for the controls, I played with a remote, the default keys were a bit odd to me so I switched them up to my liking, with A to jump and B to break, and analogs to move around, Y button to expand the map to see all around, and the right analog button as a quick restart. Yes… you will fail, many times. I’m sure its your typical WASD controls for playing with the keyboard, and as an added bonus, you could co op, and use the arrow keys as well, making it a race to the finish!

I had a blast playing it, the only thing wrong with this game is actually not even the games fault, but my own. I get really bad headaches playing a game like this for more than ten minutes. I don’t know if its just a mixture of rage due to failing continuously, and the colors on the screen, or if its just me. What ever the case, its a good way to kill some time, and get your mind off other things. You may get frustrated at times, but the moment your mind clicks and understands the puzzle, its a wonderful feeling.

Listed on the Steam store for $9.99 might be a bit much, but it does include a level editor, which allows you to extend the life of this game past its 50 levels by creating your own or even downloading user created levels.

Despite having that ability though I felt that the fun wore off after a few levels, and found myself just pissed off trying to solve the puzzle. I get it, its supposed to be challenging, and thankfully its not Spelunky, but there’s just so much I personally could take, and for $10? I say its a must have just to show off on the leaderboards and make fun of your friends for not being able to solve a certain puzzle, but I would wait for a price drop on this one, I would be comfortable at a price of $5 for this game.

A smaller build of this game on Android or iOS would be great too, remove the level builder, give it a few extra levels to make up for it, or come out with level packs, I would drop $2 for the game, and $1 for each level pack after that.

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