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Monopoly Slots for Android Review

by on January 27, 2014

Fun themed boards
Meta game on wins


Begs for social media connection
Low pay out
Lack of bonus games



As previously mentioned in a few posts before, I enjoy slot machines. Additionally, I also enjoy Monopoly. So why not take both and mix them for some fun! It’s a slots game, what else is there to say about what it is.
At first, I figured the game would be great due to the mixture of Monopoly and Slots, unfortunately it failed. Slots are pretty much all the same but the bonuses define what they are. That’s what gives them the push to be different than other slots. I’ve played many Monopoly Slots at the local casino here, and figured playing this on my phone would have that same great feeling. Sadly the game just has a Monopoly skin and has the most boring bonus ever. Yes… BONUS, a single bonus where you tap a cloud and pray to collect diamonds or coins and avoid rain. Getting anything but rain gets you a bigger bonus than the last, and obviously getting the rain ends your bonus. Sure there is also the Free Spin bonus, but that’s not necessarily a bonus every slot game has that feature.monopoly slots2
This game does have two new features I have yet to see in any other mobile slots game. The first feature I have seen recently in an actual casino game which is pretty brilliant. Every time you win you get the option to wager your earnings by taking a chance on a chest. Monopoly Slots offers you a chance to double up, or quadruple your winnings. So you have a ½ chance on doubling up or a ¼ chance on quadrupling by picking a chest, simple and straight forward, I like this. In a casino I recently attended, they had this same feature but it was a just a side game of blackjack.
The other feature this game has which although great, it somewhat defeats the purpose of a game… The Auto Spin feature. First you determine how much you want to wager on each spin, hold the spin button and well… just set your device aside as it’s automatically playing for you. On a good streak? Change your wager and keep at it. The only time this feature stops is when you spin a bonus.
Pass. This will likely end up being my last slots game on mobile… The fun of slot machines is the probability of actually winning money. Even though I would still rather play a table game while there but the video game aficionado in me always pulls me to some virtual fun. Sadly the feeling only applies in an actual casino and playing these games on the go is just not the same. If you need a quick fix, go for it, otherwise stay away.
I don’t know what I was thinking… the second you launch the game it begs for you to give it a rating. Not only that but it also asks to connect with social network, and share your progress. It also wants you to invite them to become friends within the game, as to compete with them. Why did I bother with this game after seeing all of that to start off in? Well, I’ve been trying hard to not to go to a casino, and like I mentioned I needed a fix. The overall issue is that even when on Auto Spin, bonuses are rare, high wins are rare, and you run out of coins quickly. Granted the point is to get you to spend money on the app, I know better… If I don’t get money back, I’m not putting money in a gambling game. Packages rage from $1.99 for 2,200 coins, up to $99.99 for 2,000,000 coins. When you run out and don’t want to pay, you also have the option of waiting 4 hours to receive a coin bonus based off of your level, which still isn’t much.

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