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Jetpack Jinx Android Review

by on January 21, 2013

Free, easy to learn, quick game to kill time.


Doesn't add much to stand out from the crowd.



Fly upwards collecting coins or gems to keep your momentum going, when you reach certain distance milestones you unlock a new area to launch off of. It’s simple! This game is most similar to Doodle Jump, Hyper Jump, one thing I thought was cool was the ability to free fall onto an enemies head when there are no coins or gems near by, and bounce off them to get a boost towards more coins and continue with your voyage!


This game is a prime example of what a mobile game should be, free, and easy to play. Granted it’s simple to today’s standards of gaming, it is still one of those games to pick up when you are wanting to kill a short amount of time. The addition of the “Missions” is great to keep the game changing, but this is a tactic used in many games out there today. It could have done without it, and added other milestones instead of that. Something like free-falling for X amount of time, or collect Y amount of gems. There are many others out there that could have replaced that system of rewards.

Download or Pass?

It’s free! Why wouldn’t you want to download this? Maybe the game isn’t your style, overall though, everyone could use a game on their phone which kills some time.

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I had fun playing this, every time I had a few minutes to kill, I turned to this game to fulfill my need to play something.
I enjoyed the slow-mo feature where when you reach your highest score, it goes into a slow motion camera which indicates you beating that score. This is a unique feature I haven’t seen in many games. Last game I recall seeing a form of this was in Peggle, so that just goes to show you of a cool feature that isn’t used too often.
I’ll keep this in my game folder but honestly with the amount of games being released, I don’t see it staying on there for too long. I truly do enjoy the game, but it isn’t really my type of game to continue playing after an extended amount of time.
There are barely any reasons to keep on playing other than unlocking all of the heights. Sure it is difficult to reach it, but nothing really changes on your way up there. The items seem very generic, awesome, but nothing too over the top like found in Jet Pack Joyride or any other similar ‘reach-as-far-as-you-can’ game.

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