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Hero and Daughter+ Review

by on February 18, 2016

+Wide range of characters that you can summon
+A lot of humorous scenes
+Rogue-like with interesting features


-Battles can be quite repetitive
-Most fights in the beginning are wicked easy


Hero and Daughter+ is a rogue-like, turn-base RPG game where the player is reduced from a legendary level to a measly level one character. Your character is not able to level up and relies on provocative daughters (girls) that you can summon and will fight by your side. The game also features an upgradable town and house, which adds an interesting element to the game. Hero and Daughter+ will be available on Steam on Thursday, February 18, 2016.

There are many elements to the game that makes it very interesting. When you begin your adventure, you are immediately dropped to level one and can barely defeat a slime monster. With the help of your rather provocative daughters which you can summon with summoning stones, you will go and defeat the Dark Lord. The awesome part of this is that the summon is random. So the summons I got would be totally different than yours. There are over 30+ summons to get (collect?). Each one of the summons will have its own unique conversation scene which makes it a pleasure to try and collect them all and see what humorous scenes happen.

When you start off, many of the stores will only have a couple of items for you to choose from. But, as you purchase more items and spend more money in the stores, your town will gain experience and it will level up. With each level up, more items will appear in each shop and the more skills/items you would be able to get for your characters. As I mentioned, your main guy is stuck at level one, but he can eat at one of the restaurants in town to increase his stats. You can only eat there once after each dungeon fight, so make sure to remember that!

There are many aspects to the game that I have not gotten to yet, but so far, the game is very compelling and I love the storyline that they have created. I would definitely recommend this if you are into RPGs + Rogue-like games. Even though there are some drawbacks, such as the repetitive battles, the option to be able to switch to 30 different characters definitely help this game shine.

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