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Don’t let the Funky Smugglers through!

by on October 25, 2012

Great colors, Replay ability, Team battles, FUNK!


Lack of songs from the start, Store is too expensive; Coins earned slowly,


Get your groove on! Funky Smugglers out for both iOS and Android at $0.99! This has to be one of the brightest games I have ever seen! Keeping with the funk of bright colors, and 70’s soundtrack this game is a must play!

Going into this game without having seen or even heard of anything on it, I was in for a total shock. One of the most entertaining mobile games I have ever played! The colors, action, and most importantly the groove! For some odd reason, it has been one of those games impossible for me to stop playing! Simply put, this game is the ultimate in time killing. A game from 11 bit Studios, the people behind one of the most unique Tower Defense games, Anomaly Warzone Earth. I honestly had no idea they could put out a game like this one, its a complete switch from black to white.

Game Play

They provide you with a brief tutorial, which transitions to playing right away. This is a great feature that most developers should take into consideration, keep your game simple! The game puts you in the shoes of a TSA agent at an airport screening bodies and making sure they don’t smuggle anything illegal into their flights. Guns, knives, grenades, and more depending on what type of skin you might have selected which we will go over later. The passengers walk from left to right passed a X-RAY scanner which lets you see those evil weapons in a simple way, either Red or Green. The goal is to remove all red items without touching any of the green ones. In similar style to Fruit Ninja you slice through it to remove it, but you also hang on to it to perform combos. A timer appears next to the item where you hold your finger on the screen as well as a number indicating how many items you have held as a multiplier. An extremely cool feature is the option to “toss” your stack of items to keep your multiplier going. Instead of “throwing” your items by snatching them from the bodies, you can toss them within the X-RAY scanner and catch them again to restart your timer. This comes in handy when you have a person with all green items walking by and your afraid of touching any of the items, so you simply toss it and catch it once the person has passed the scanner. In traditional fashion you have 3 lives, with the ability to buy more as upgrades. Once you lose the lives by touching a green item, or letting any red items pass, its game over and your score is tallied.

One popular thing I’ve been seeing recently in these mobile games is the addition of missions. A series of challenges while playing the game that gets you bonus coins to spend in the store. There are 3 objectives given each with a reward next to them letting you know how many coins you will get for completing it. Some might be easier than others and that is shown by how many coins you are rewarded. The missions seem to repeat quite a bit, but they add a little bit of of challenge by changing the number within it. What I mean with this is that at first, one of the mission would be to get 10 passengers through without failing. After a while later, you’ll see the same mission again but this time it might say 25 passengers. Nothing wrong with that, until you get to the Beat your old High Score challenge, as this becomes extremely difficult when you get to the higher levels! Another mission is to get two combos going with two fingers, this is something that seems impossible but its not, its just challenging. The game to me is meant to be played with a single finger, and being forced to get two combos with two fingers just adds that extra challenge. Makes me think that the game would be better on a tablet than on a phone. Overall though, love the missions!

As long as you have a data plan, you could participate in Team Battles. A meta game where every time you play you get bonus score towards a team of your choosing. The first of which was Androids vs Apples, as I’m writing this the teams are Funk vs Gangnam. By just playing the game, you and everyone else playing the game can score points towards their team, and at the end of a countdown, the winning team will be rewarded with a nice chunk of coins for you to use in the store. To add to the social networking side of things, the game provides you with an option to “Call for Support”. By clicking on that, you can either Tweet or post a message to Facebook, and request that people either Retweet or Like in order to get bonus support within your game! Each one grants your team more points. Truth be told, I rather not bother my friends and family with something like this, but it is a good feature to have if a lot of the people you talk to are also into the game.

Even though the game $0.99, there still is that “store” where you can spend even more money towards cosmetics like new X-RAY backgrounds, and new item set to replace the guns and knives, with anything from Halloween items to Fantasy or Mafia items. You could buy new songs, passengers, score multipliers, mission passes, and abilities like raising your item holding time, or health upgrades. The coins earned while playing the game can be used towards purchasing these upgrades but as with any game, they cost entirely too much! The good thing is that the game is addicting and you really want to help your team out so earning the coins isn’t much of a struggle. In the event that you did want to spend a bit more than the initial $0.99 for the game, you have the option of buying coin packs from another $0.99 to $9.99 getting anywhere from 10k-175k coins.

Controls & Design

Controls are simple, but I cant imagine playing this on a smaller device. Using my Galaxy SIII gives me a bit of an advantage and it works great. The area where the the X-RAY scanner is becomes difficult when there are three passengers (which is the max) going through, at later levels the characters have items in their hands which swing and you might just touch the red item as its swinging towards a green item and it makes it frustrating to keep a combo going. It isn’t a design flaw at all, it is just a difficult task, that makes the game frustrating. Take your time! Truthfully though, playing the game on a tablet might be better, but this simply doesn’t mean the game isn’t a must get on your phone, but just see it as a fair warning that it could get aggravating.

The colors in this game are simply amazing, I haven’t seen a game brighter than this one. The use of the yellows and orange mix with the blue, give the good/bad items which are red or green simply pop from within the rest of the screen. There are really no words to describe this, simply check it out! The one flaw I have is the music. There seems to be just one… yes just ONE song unlocked from the start, there are two other tracks you can unlock but they will cost you 5,000 coins EACH! I don’t know about how you guys play your games, but I prefer Upgrades over Cosmetics in ANY game. So saving up for a song, just seems annoying.


I can truthfully say that this has been one of the most surprising games I have played so far this year. Never would I have imagined playing a game like this, and having fun doing it. Honestly, what does Funk have to do with smuggling? Going into it I wasn’t exited, that was until the intro kicked in. The fun this studio must have had coding and coming up with this games image shows within the game. So what are you guys waiting for? Go! Play this awesome game!

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