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Crazy Fairies: Review

by on December 11, 2012

Free game, variety of upgrades within the 10 weapons, pretty accurate when it comes to a physics based engine.


The need to create an account just to play, and the amount of downtime spent 'playing' this game, makes it feel like its more of a waiting game. Server issues where it takes forever to login.


To hear that Spicy Horse Games was behind this game, I was excited to see what they had to offer. I mean, they did develop Alice: Madness Returns. I only played a few hours of this, and definitely had a good time, I really need to get back to finish up those achievements now that I think about it. But with a studio behind a title like that, why would one of their mobile games disappoint? I remember when I first played Worms, and seeing how much it has evolved. I also remember playing Gunbound with a lot of my school mates, now we take a journey into a fairy tale world with similar game elements of both of those games. The story of those Crazy Fairies!

Crazy fairies is a game by Spicy Horse Games which let’s you pick and customize a hero from a fairy tale background. Then you take part in battles all within the same theme of a fairy tale environment. While in battle you rank up by playing, and gain medals by performing well against others. Now we get into who you can play against, and that’s just about everyone! The game runs the same way in just about every platform. I played three versions of this game, starting off with Android, then Facebook,  and lastly off their official page.. For the most part, this is is from the Android edition though. More on this in the thoughts section.

The game play is simple, like Worms, it’s a turn based game where you take aim and launch your weapon of choice against your opponent. There are two types of weapons, five Physical, and five Magical. Each of the weapons do different things like the THOR hammer if it hits land next to someone, an electric shock will end up hitting them, doing less damage,  but damage none the less.
This game has many things things that I enjoyed that I have really seen in many games. You get main quests and daily quests in this game, completing them nets you anything from coins to weapons, and items. The items vary from rings or necklaces, to cards. Here’s where it gets interesting, these cards are also known as boosts. Now each of the cards are one shot use which do a wide variety of things. There are cards which heal you, others which make you do more damage for your next shot, and some which create ice blocks to defend from incoming attacks. There are many others too which makes this game far more interesting.
This is just a small taste of what this game has to offer, there are clans, and championship battles too which are led by the devs at various times throughout the day. Not only that but they also have a market place for you to sell unwanted items you’ve found while playing. There is a co-op or PvE adventure more which allows you to team up with people to defeat bosses. Though not the most commonly played mode it is still very fun and a part of quests.

This is a great game, but overwhelming at times. If you start off playing this game on the go, you will be faces with a lot of issues trying to learn how to play. Not only that but even through WiFi you are likely to run into server issues which are on their end. At least this was my issue. I tried playing on Facebook and it didn’t work at all, which is why I took my game to the official site. Playing this game from a browser is a hell of a lot easier, so if you learn to play there first, then bring it into mobile, you’ll be better off in the long run.
Once I did that I had a lot of fun playing this game because I understood it. On the desktop version of his it does seem to function a lot better, even with a high end phone it does seem to choke up at times, specially during kills and defeat/victory videos. On the mobile side of things I did notice a few bugs where they seem to be there but not working. After death your supposed to turn into a ghost and collect coins, unfortunately though, you can only walk from left to right that’s it! So chances are you’ll get stuck on a wall before you can even get to the coins. I would have never realized this if I didn’t play the desktop version though. Another plus for playing on your computer instead.

This doesn’t mean that you should avoid the mobile version, if you do enjoy this game on the computer, and need a fix while your on the go, then you will enjoy this, but as it stands this game on mobile isn’t the greatest. It requires a constant Web connection to play and it is a data hog! So be careful!

Buy or Pass?
It’s a free game and it’s a ton of fun. If you enjoy turn based battles then go for it. For most people though turn based is not the way to go, so proceed with caution.
Honestly though playing it on the Web is a much better experience overall and you will have a good time. From there you decide if you want to pick up the mobile version, which is also free anyways.

Interested in playing Crazy Fairies?

Despite all of the issues with the mobile version in this game, I still did have fun with it. Sadly, I find myself not playing it as often any more. It lost its touch pretty quick on mobile. While on my computer though, I find myself playing other high end games as opposed to a web game. Not only that but the amount of wait-time playing this game is likely to turn anyone away from it. The need to create an account just to play this is pretty annoying too. Games shouldn’t require you to create accounts, it should just work via whatever your connected, iTunes or Google Play. Buying extra credits for this game is a 2 step process, as Spicy Horse makes you purchase directly from their site (why you need that extra account) which then you could redeem for credit for whichever one of their games. Lame tactics to get sales focused on one site, instead of individually per game.

Sure there are a lot of negatives with the business side of things, but with all of that being said, it’s still a free game, so definitely check it out! Who knows, you might enjoy it a lot more than I did!

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