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Chaos on Deponia: Review

by on November 21, 2012

Great storyline, A lot of humor, Awesome characters


Complicated puzzles, Slow beginning,


Another fine game by Daedalic Entertainment and the makers of Edna & Harvey (review here). I have never played the first installment of Chaos of Deponia, but I have heard rather good things about it and if anything, you should definitely play that first one in order to get into the story and actually know what’s going on (although they do kind of summarize what really happened in the first game). I must say, I am becoming a fan of their games and this is a great addition to their many titles of point and click adventure games!


       During the beginning of the game, you will learn about what happened during the first installment, “Deponia”. The lead character Rufus, is trying to find a way to Elysium to prevent the destruction of Deponia and along the way he encounters his old “lover”, Goal. Within Goals’ brain, is the secret codes that will return them to Elysium, but during their encounter, Goals’ brain is damaged by her falling into Deponia. By that, Goal is split into 3 different cartridges with separate personalities and now you have to try and fuse the 3 personalities into one and try to find a way to get to Elysium to prevent the destruction of Deponia.

       On your adventure to fixing Goals’ brain, you encounter a lot of random events and I found the dialogue extremely humorous. Rufus is a very egotistic guy that just messes everything up, with that, the things he says is great. I love his character mainly because he is such a sarcastic and egotistic guy who falls in love with a girl that’s out of his league.

       There are a lot to like about Chaos on Deponia, the characters are awesome. I love the relationship between Rufus and Goal, the way they act towards each other always gives me a couple of good laughs. Many of the other minor characters are amusing as well, like the grandma and grandpa in the beginning of the game. The many characters in this game serve as sort of a narrator, although the majority of the game, it is Rufus that is narrating, I really like it this way, compared to having one monotone voice narrate me throughout the game. That might have to do with the fact that when Rufus narrates, he does it in a sarcastic and witty tone. Another thing that I liked, along with all the other Daedalic Entertainment games, is the artsy graphics of the game. It looks like that the game is drawn out by the developers and it is truly a beauty.

       As much as there are likes to the game, there are some downsides to it as well. Like Edna and Harvey, I found this game a bit complicated. At times, I had so many items I have no idea what I should use and what I should combine. Along with that, I had no idea what to do nor where to go! I think the best way to remedy this problem is probably a hint button. As much as I hate giving up, sometimes I am truly lost and I find myself wandering around the internet trying to find a walkthrough. And let me tell you, some of these puzzles defies logic and you have no idea why those items mixed or even why it worked in the first place. The best example of this is the “Golden Dragon of Invisibility” item. If you try to use it where you’re not supposed to, Rufus loses it and you have to go ALL the way back to the docks to get it back. So if you’re trying to figure out what the heck to do with it, it becomes a hassle to have to keep running back there. Another downside to the game is that the beginning chapters of  the game is kind of slow and not a lot of action, but it eventually picks up after around the third chapter.


       My time with this game has been a decent one, as I find myself ripping my hair off trying to figure out what to do, but that’s all part of the challenges of the game. If you look past the complicated puzzles, this game has a really good storyline and the artwork is impeccable. The characters are also something to enjoy; Rufus with his egotistical and sarcastic nature and the relationship between him and Goal! While you’re enjoying the game, don’t forget to enjoy the humor as well, the jokes that Rufus got, I have no idea why Goal doesn’t like him! But this is definitely a game to get and play during your coming Holidays!



Available on Steam for $19.99


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