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A New Beginning: Review

by on December 20, 2012

Puzzles aren't as hard, improved item combination design, Apocalyptic Plot


Voice acting is horrible, certain puzzles will still blow your brains out


Wow, I have been playing a lot of Daedalic Entertainment games lately! A New Beginning is a brand new point and click game and this one have more of a serious tone, compared to Edna & Harvey and Chaos on Deponia. Even though I prefer humor more, one of my favorite games are ones about the apocalypse. Be it zombie apocalypse, natural apocalypse or even man made apocalypse; it’s one of those genre that I never get tired of.

A New Beginning is a game about scientists from the future that travel to the past to try and stop a disaster from happening on Earth. While you play, you will find out what happened in the past that caused the disaster, how to fix the disaster and actually fixing it. You play as Fay, a poor girl that is always being yelled at and looked down on. When she reaches the past, she has to convince a scientist that they are from the future and that they need his help to save the world! And just as all of the other Daedalic Entertainment games, you solve puzzles by combining items and figuring out where certain things go.

What I really like about this game is the plot, as I’ve said before; I love apocalyptic games and the fact that you can see all the turmoil that’s going around makes it even better. In one of the scenes, you see London being engulfed by a tornado and another; you see the cities in desserts being buried in sand. Scenes like those, like “The Day After Tomorrow”, are the best.

Something that I liked best about this game, more than the others are that some of the items actually made sense when added together and I didn’t have as much trouble finding where I needed to go. Although, one thing that did trouble me is, how mixing pills with soda make curry chicken? Unless it’s one of those pills that you add a drop of water and it transforms into anything…

No Like
While there are a lot of improvements, one major downside I found to this game is the voice acting. In all of their other games, the voice acting was superb, but in A New Beginning, there was no tone, no feelings put into it! I feel like I probably would have done a better job at it (okay maybe not…)! The voice acting plays a major role in a game, and I feel that this takes away some of the experience from the story telling. Also, if they added maybe a little humor into it, the story would have been even better. I’m not sure why Daedalic decided to go into a serious tone for games, seeing that a lot if not all their games has some sense of humor in there. Either way, it works out.

Even though I pointed out that I didn’t get lost AS much, I still did at times. There are seriously small details that you need to look at in order to solve some of the puzzles, and there is no hint system AT ALL that points you in the right direction. Take the first puzzle as an example, how am I supposed to know what to do with those cubes!? Seriously! Although that puzzle was hard, the others were okay. I didn’t spend all my time trying to figure it out and it didn’t require me to rip out my hair or anything. Daedalic has definitely improved in this category, but I would say it still needs a little bit of tweaking to get it just right.

All in all, A New Beginning is a masterpiece. The storyline is amazing and the gameplay is equally as fun. Even though there are minor downsides, it’s not something I can’t deal with. There are times when you might get lost and want to punch your monitor, but it’s all fun and games! And plus, you won’t look like a wuss for using a walkthrough.

Available on Steam for 8.99$

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