Ironcast Review

by Oscar Venturaon February 26, 2016
Tired of those match-three games over flooding the market? Yeah, me too! Luckily for us Ironcast is far from that as there is tons of planning and strategy involved that the matching is the least of your worries. Being a fan of the original Puzzle Quest, this game caught my interest for the game play […]

Assault Android Cactus Review

by Oscar Venturaon October 9, 2015
Assault Android Cactus has so much going for it that makes me love and hate it at the same time. But don't worry, it's a good hatred, rushing to collect a battery, or raging over not beating a friend's high score.

Oh what a Bind of Colours

by Oscar Venturaon October 2, 2012
I started this game wondering what the hell am I getting myself into. Not a bad way though, simply put, I figured a game like this would be best played on a mobile platform like my phone for example. The second I saw the level select I said oh damn, another Angry Birds clone but […]