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Monopoly Slots for Android Review

by Oscar Venturaon January 27, 2014
As previously mentioned in a few posts before, I enjoy slot machines. Additionally, I also enjoy Monopoly. So why not take both and mix them for some fun! It’s a slots game, what else is there to say about what it is. At first, I figured the game would be great due to the mixture […]

Ridiculous Fishing Android Review

by Oscar Venturaon December 23, 2013
Ridiculous Fishing is simple, just takes a lot on concentration! The goal is to first avoid all of the fish on the way down, let your line finish, and on the way up… hook as many as you can! The best part… once your line returns to the surface, the fish are all tossed up […]

Super Hexagon Android Review

by Oscar Venturaon January 31, 2013
Think you got what it takes to survive this game? You'll get pissed a long the way, but sure, go ahead try it.

Temple Run 2 Android Review

by Oscar Venturaon January 30, 2013
The original game got a nice face lift! The classic game of Temple Run where your trying to run away with an idol by sliding, jumping, and leaning to avoid evil creatures from getting you. It’s inevitable, you will die, but how far can you make it? The sequel though has added a few new […]

Jetpack Jinx Android Review

by Oscar Venturaon January 21, 2013
To the sky! Collecting coins, gems, crystals, and bouncing off enemy heads to gain new heights! Sure, sounds fun!

Crazy Fairies: Review

by Oscar Venturaon December 11, 2012
Spicy Horse Games; the developers of Alice: Madness Returns bring us a turn based strategy game called Crazy Fairies! Find out what I thought of it!

Catching Z’s – Sleepwalker’s Journey review

by Oscar Venturaon November 26, 2012
It turns out that 11 bit studios is back at it again! This time bringing us a new game to play called Sleepwalker's Journey. Last we saw them, we reviewed Funky Smugglers, which until this day is still one of my favorite games to play due to its simplicity, how will their next title do? Let's embark in this journey by simply dreaming!

How disappointing: Zynga Slots

by Oscar Venturaon November 15, 2012
Zynga Slots, is it worth it? Yeah, not really... These are the reasons why!

The cute Halloween with Witch Wars!

by Oscar Venturaon October 31, 2012
Witch Wars is a mixture of a couple of games, the two that I could think of right now is Bejeweled and Puzzle Fighter.