E3 2014: Mario Maker

mario maker


Nintendo is joining the likes of Sony and Microsoft giving us a game set to create our own adventures called Mario Maker!Sony gave us a look at Little Big Planet 3, and Microsoft is already in beta with Project Spark, and now Nintendo showcases Mario Maker which gives us access to everything from the enemies, landscape, and every little block imaginable!

This initially gives us a version of Mario with infinite replay ability as you can re-create original levels, modify them to your liking, or just make your own and put it to the test.
mariomakerUBest of all, you are given the option to switch from the original Super Mario Bros. look, or from the New Super Mario Bros U look. Each one has its own items and both look amazing.

Judging by the preview given during the Nintendo Digital Event, using the Wii U tablet seems to be a drag and drop process making it extremely easy to create and enjoy your own levels. The possibilities are endless with this and I wouldn’t be surprised with a 3DS version making the rounds.

Also on a side note, anyone remember Mario Paint? It sure isn’t Nintendo’s first attempt at a ‘creative’ game!


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