Gamer Girl Loves Free Games

Free Games Are Bad Business

by Jack Wageron September 29, 2015
PSN+, Games With Gold, and Origin's On The House are programs that gamers love. Everyone likes free stuff, but are free games doing more harm than good?

No Xbox One Demos? WHAT!

by Jack Wageron May 3, 2014
Demos have been around since the days of floppy disks. Although, demos were not common on consoles until the ‘Seventh Generation’, which introduced Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii. Since Xbox 360 was first console to market, I’ll use it as an example. When Xbox 360 launched in November 2005, it expanded on the original […]


Game Diaries: Metal Gear V: Ground Zeroes

by Juan Malaveon April 25, 2014
Remember back in the day when you got free demos in magazines or by going to your local game shop? Well my friends get prepared to buy your first demo. It comes with a price tag of 30 dollars (if you’re a sucker for the Metal Gear franchise as I am). Despite my issues with […]

Hey Early Access, Bug Right Off!

by Jack Wageron February 21, 2014
Early Access is the hottest thing on Steam. Gamers are eating it up, and developers love receiving funding as they’re working on their game. But is it really a good thing? Has it gotten out of control? We’ll take a look a closer look at gaming’s greatest scheme.

Customer Service at most big Electronic Retailers

by Oscar Venturaon February 12, 2014
Previously I noted that I was going to switch to digital only… but staying true to the guideline I set for myself became difficult. I needed to pick up a game because of its limited edition goodness. I’m going to be vague, don’t want to point fingers as I enjoy this store quite a bit, […]

Gamestop, STOP Opening My Games!

by Jack Wageron February 5, 2014
Games may provide the same pieces to everyone who plays, but the experience every individual person gets is slightly different. That’s the feeling that make games great. Another feeling that make games great is opening a brand new game. Taking off that annoying cellophane, and the stupid little sticker along the opening of the game’s […]
cod map pack leak

Potential leak of the next Call of Duty DLC!

by Oscar Venturaon January 28, 2014
Today the first Download Content for Call of Duty Ghosts is released, Onslaught. However a slight hiccup in setting up a private match potentially shows us a few other map names!


Switching to Digital ONLY!

by Oscar Venturaon January 24, 2014
With everything in life moving to the digital age, gaming was the last thing that I still have physical media for. No more disks! I’m done! My music is streamed, my movies are either streamed or downloaded or even viewed on demand…so why do I still pay a disk?

(I Hate) Xbox One Challenges

by Jack Wageron December 27, 2013
Achievements changed the way I play games. And I’m going to blame my achievement hunter mentality for my ridiculously large backlog. Challenges aren’t going to change the way I play games, but they will definitely increase the amount of time I spend playing games. And herein lies the problem, I do not have time!