Keep an eye out: Lethal League

by Oscar Venturaon May 5, 2014
I’ve been eyeing this game called Lethal League for a while, and I believe it’s a must for PAX Omegathon!

Game Diaries: Metal Gear V: Ground Zeroes

by Juan Malaveon April 25, 2014
Remember back in the day when you got free demos in magazines or by going to your local game shop? Well my friends get prepared to buy your first demo. It comes with a price tag of 30 dollars (if you’re a sucker for the Metal Gear franchise as I am). Despite my issues with […]


Defense Grid 2 to debut during PAX East!

by Oscar Venturaon April 3, 2014
Representatives from Hidden Path Entertainment will be at the 505 Games booth (#396) during PAX East 2014 next week.

Demo Day Part 1 – Dancing, Kung-Fu & Meditation

by Jack Wageron February 20, 2012
I’ve been hording demos on my Xbox for some time. Recently I wanted to play some games but didn’t really want to spend hours playing Gears of War 3, or dive into a new adventure. So I decided to make a dent in my demo queue.

Syndicate Co-Op Demo – End of January

by Jack Wageron January 23, 2012
Syndicate, the futuristic first person shooter that’s based around bio-engineered, chip-augmented Agents (The Matrix anyone? Oz?), has a four player co-op demo coming out at the end of January. While no specific date has been announced, it’s likely that it will be January 31st for XBL and PSN in the US. The demo will feature […]

Battle Block Theater demo first impression!

by Oscar Venturaon January 20, 2012
The latest and greatest from my most favorite studio The Behemoth is called Battle Block Theater! For two years, and possibly this year as well, it will be at PAX, but I finally got a chance to play it! The game plays nothing like any of their previous games. Unfortunately for the demo I got […]

Catherine: Demo On July 12 + New Trailer

by Jack Wageron July 6, 2011
We’ve had our eye on Catherine (the game) since its overseas release. When Atlus USA announced Catherine would have a North American launch, we were thrilled. Now there’s a new trailer (after the break), along with a demo coming on July 12th for the 360 and PS3. Catherine’s official North American launch date is July […]

Duke Nukem Forever Demo on XBL & Steam

by Jack Wageron June 28, 2011
[UPDATE] As of June 28th, 2011, the demo is also available on PSN. Ok, we know that we’re a bit behind on announcing this. Although, we didn’t want to forget about it because we think if you’re interested in Duke Nukem Forever, you should try it out. So here are a couple links to the […]

Sonic Generations Demo Out Now!

by Jack Wageron June 24, 2011
To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Sonic, the Sonic Generations demo was released yesterday on XBL and PSN. The demo has the iconic Green Hill Zone as a playable level, and it returns to the classic side scrolling Sonic that we all love. Don’t sleep on this, because it is an exclusive 20 day demo […]