Godus on iOS!

by Oscar Venturaon August 7, 2014
Peter Molyneux’s latest game with studio 22cans, Godus, now has a mobile version and it’s free!

TactSlider – The Best Mobile Joystick EVER!

by Jack Wageron January 16, 2013
Rummaging the convention halls of CES, you’ll walk past thousands of booths. Some huge, big, medium, small, and others are almost hidden by their surroundings. TactSlider’s booth wasn’t hidden, but it was definitely a diamond in the rough. So what is TactSlider? The simple answer is it’s a joystick for mobile gaming. You aren’t thrilled? […]

Catching Z’s – Sleepwalker’s Journey review

by Oscar Venturaon November 26, 2012
It turns out that 11 bit studios is back at it again! This time bringing us a new game to play called Sleepwalker's Journey. Last we saw them, we reviewed Funky Smugglers, which until this day is still one of my favorite games to play due to its simplicity, how will their next title do? Let's embark in this journey by simply dreaming!

Sega’s Mobile Games Valentine’s Day Sale

by Jack Wageron February 12, 2012
Sonic CD, Super Monkey Ball, Sonic The Hedgehog, Streets of Rage, and more are all on sale right now through February 14th. The sale is on the App Store and the Android Marketplace. Hit the jump for the full game list and prices!

Humble Bundle – Mobile edition!

by Oscar Venturaon February 11, 2012
Well, technically its the Android edition, but because Android is awesome, and so is everyone behind the Humble Bundle, they decided to release it for pretty much everything! For anyone who isn’t sure about what the Humble Bundle is, check out their site, its self explanatory but to sum it up, you pay what you […]

1 Million Gamers Just Got Girlfriends…Virtually.

by Jack Wageron February 9, 2012
WET Productions, developer and publisher of My Virtual Girlfriend and My Virtual Boyfriend, just announced that the two iOS games combined have passed the 1 million install mark. In case you’re curious, each game is a ‘dating simulator’. You can pick which type of girl (or guy) you like based on looks and personality, take […]

Skillz: The DJ Game Scratches Onto iPad, Droid & PC

by Jack Wageron July 13, 2011
With the death of Guitar/DJ Hero, and the $20 retail price of Rock Band 3, it doesn’t seem like the best time to make a rhythm game. Although, without having to buy any accessories, and being able to create a ‘virtual turntable’ right on a tablet, maybe the Hong Kong developer, Playpen Studios has the […]