PAX East 11

Gunnar Eyeware!

by Oscar Venturaon March 24, 2011
For as long as I can remember, I’ve been in front of some sort of electronic device, either on a computer, or playing a game on my television. I guess this contributed to me wearing glasses, and later in life contacts. Nowadays, not much has changed, always in front of a computer for personal and […]

Firefall to fire…fail?

by Oscar Venturaon March 23, 2011
Let me just clear this up before you continue reading. The version they had at PAX was not complete, the game is still in beta, and I am sure they are going to take all of the feedback that was given to improve the game. There is also a private beta to start fairly soon […]

The PAX EAST 11 Picture Gallery!

by Oscar Venturaon March 23, 2011
Here we have it folks, all of our collected pictures from our good times at PAX East 11! Looking over these pictures make us all want the year to fly by for the next expo! With the tons of cosplayers and many game titles, there was absolutely no shortage of things to shoot. A huge […]