State of Decay Lifeline Review

by Chris Vargason June 11, 2014
If you didn’t think State of Decay could get any better than it already was then you’re wrong. Undead Labs gives us Lifeline, and trust me when I say you’re going to want someone throwing you one. Lifeline puts you in the shoes of the military at the beginning of the outbreak, as you attempt […]

Undead Labs Throws Us A Lifeline!

by Chris Vargason June 1, 2014
Are you dying from lack of zombie killing action? Well don’t panic, because Undead Labs is throwing you a Lifeline.

Gotham City Imposters FREE DLC Now On Xbox 360

by Jack Wageron February 25, 2012
Free DLC? Yes. Definitely. Affirmative. The first Gotham City Imposters DLC is free and available now on Xbox 360. “Soon” has been the release date applied to PS3 and PC versions. The new goodies allow you to overlook Gotham City, up your swag, and fart some more. Video and full textutal details after the break.

Dead Island – Ryder White Campaign!

by Oscar Venturaon February 1, 2012
5 months ago, Techland and Deep Silver provided us with an amazing opportunity to go “hand to hand” with the undead in a little title you may have heard of called Dead Island. Well released TODAY, is the latest DLC titled “Ryder White”. Now those of you who may have played the game through should […]

MW3: “You wanna go to work with daddy, baby, huh?”

by Jack Wageron January 29, 2012
I won’t lie to you, this entire video is a promo for Call of Duty Elite. They try to make you think you’re getting an amazing deal by spending $50 on Elite compared to $60 on individual DLC. While I wasn’t convinced to buy Elite, I was entertained. Rob Riggle does a great job, it’s […]

The Saints Row 3way: It’s A Drink?

by Jack Wageron January 25, 2012
Yes, a drink. Out of all my time covering video games, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a game have an official drink. Then again, I’ve never seen a game like Saints Row: The Third. In order to celebrate the release of the upcoming DLC titled ‘GenkiBowl VII’, a gaming bar in Falmouth (that’s in […]

Pinball FX2 Paranormal Table is FREE!

by Jack Wageron October 26, 2011
Ready for all of the free candy on Halloween? Good, because Pinball FX2 wants to give you a free table! The Paranormal table which usually runs 240MSP ($3) is free today (Oct. 26th) to Nov. 2nd, 2011. And since we care, here are the links right to the full game of Pinball FX2 (which is […]

360 DLC Sale Includes Halo: Reach, Mass Effect 2, Forza 3 & More!

by Jack Wageron July 26, 2011
Microsoft has made the great decision that they need a huge DLC sale! Halo: Reach, Gears of War 2, Fable III, Forza 3, Crackdown 2, Alan Wake, Halo 3, and Halo Wars are all part of this sale. Most DLC is 50% off which is awesome. Also, the current deal of the week is Mass […]

Green Lantern ‘Fight For The Light’ DLC Headed To DCUO

by Jack Wageron July 13, 2011
Are you ready for a new DC Universe Online (DCUO) character and gameplay scenarios? Well then you’re in luck. Green Lantern ‘Fight For The Light’ DLC is coming out later this summer for PC & PS3. It’ll feature three new gameplay scenarios (S.T.A.R. Labs, Coast City, Sciencells Prison), and Green Lantern combat scenarios with existing […]