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DRULcast #212 – Delete, Delete, Delete

by Oscar Venturaon November 14, 2017
Oz finds out the hard way that he needs to stop recording so many clips on Xbox Live. Jack plays a game that leaves Oz in awe. There is some VR talk in this weeks episode too! Full details listed below!

PAX East 2016 – Swing Star

by Oscar Venturaon April 28, 2016
Man oh man, did this game take me by surprise. It’s such a simple game. Swing your way to the objective with a touch of a button. How can that be entertaining? Computer Lunch has made that simple equation into a fun experience. First, they put it in the virtual reality platform to gain perspective. […]


PAX East 2015: Time Machine is VR by Minority Media

by Oscar Venturaon March 8, 2015
Time Machine is an in-production virtual reality game by Minority Media.

NSFW – Virtual Reality Gender Swap

by Oscar Venturaon February 14, 2014
I’ve never had an interest in the Oculus Rift, but I do admire what it is currently doing for gaming.