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Minecraft tops Modern Warfare 3

by Oscar Venturaon October 27, 2012
According to LIVE Activity which MajorNelson publishes weekly, it turns out that for the first time that I can recall an Arcade Title has taken the title from a Retail game.

MW3: “You wanna go to work with daddy, baby, huh?”

by Jack Wageron January 29, 2012
I won’t lie to you, this entire video is a promo for Call of Duty Elite. They try to make you think you’re getting an amazing deal by spending $50 on Elite compared to $60 on individual DLC. While I wasn’t convinced to buy Elite, I was entertained. Rob Riggle does a great job, it’s […]

Times-a-tickin! New Modern Warfare time!

by Oscar Venturaon February 26, 2011
So rumors have been leaked of a new Modern Warfare title being pushed out from Activision. Even though this information is out there, nothing is set in stone yet. All we get is a site; which displays a countdown timer pointing to March 1st, 10pm EST. Tick tock! All we can do is wait! […]