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DRULcast #211 – Happy Xbox One X Day!

by Oscar Venturaon November 7, 2017
Xbox One X is finally here! Go set it up! Join our Xbox club, DRULcast, and let’s game together! Happy Xbox One X Day!

DRULcast #151 – Casually Going In

by Oscar Venturaon July 26, 2016
One of us has an eventful weekend, the other feared dark clouds. Some San Diego Comic Con 2016 talk, a few video game deals and someone gets disappointed at how a game turned out. Sounds like a show full of information to me! Tune in!

Humble Bundle – Mobile edition!

by Oscar Venturaon February 11, 2012
Well, technically its the Android edition, but because Android is awesome, and so is everyone behind the Humble Bundle, they decided to release it for pretty much everything! For anyone who isn’t sure about what the Humble Bundle is, check out their site, its self explanatory but to sum it up, you pay what you […]