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Digital Game Rentals Are The Future

by Jack Wageron September 7, 2017
Game rentals used to be an integral part of every gamer's life. 3 day rentals from Blockbuster or Hollywood Video were definitely highlights of my weekends as a kid, but movie and game rental stores are gone. GameFly is still around, but I'd argue that game rentals in 2017 are dead. Here's my plan to revamp video game rentals.

Free PC download: Bioshock

by Oscar Venturaon November 8, 2012
This deal comes to us as a surprise! The original copy of Bioshock FREE via GameFly. You do need to create an account with them (you don’t need their service though) and you will need to download their client as well. That being said, GameFly also stated that there are only a limited number of […]