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DRULcast #206 – From Rage To Delight

by Oscar Venturaon October 3, 2017
Jack is Oz's therapist for the evening. From rage to delight as Oz shares his tales of a feature that shouldn't exist, to a memory of great times spent watching old school cartoons.

DRULcast #89 – Years later & Dying Light

by Oscar Venturaon February 10, 2015
The birth of the podcast is discussed, an embarrassing tale is told in regards to this as well. In terms of gaming however we discuss Dying Light and Battlefield Hardline.


Sunset Overdrive’s Multiplayer Experience – Chaos Squad

by Oscar Venturaon July 2, 2014
Wow, this looks extremely fun! We can’t wait for October in order to get the chaos started!

First 60: Battle Block Theater

by Oscar Venturaon June 19, 2014
After seeing Battle Block Theater at PAX East 2011, I knew it was love at first sight. Then again during PAX East 2012, and finally at home April 3, 2013, when the game released on Xbox 360. No surprise coming from The Behemoth, the studio behind Castle Crashers.


Co-op MegaMan? Sounds great! – Echoes of Eridu

by Oscar Venturaon May 7, 2014
Developed by Batterystaple Games, Exhoes of Eridu needs your help to finish production! In a nutshell, the game plays like MegaMan but you get the option of also playing co-op as well!

DRULcast Special Edition #2 – Nation Red

by Jack Wageron March 4, 2014
Another Special Edition has arrived! This time truOZ and sho220 are playing Nation Red. A really fun top-down co-op survival zombie slaying game. There’s been a ton of new content and updates to Nation Red, so we decided to check them out while giving everyone a look at the game.

FREE! Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition on 3DS until Feb. 2!

by Oscar Venturaon January 31, 2014
Yes! The old school favorite Game Boy Advanced title Zelda: Four Swords is being released for FREE!

DRULcast Special Edition- Crashing Castles!

by Oscar Venturaon January 28, 2014
This week we try something a little different with the DRULcast, for starters, there is no audio version for this as it is needed to have a visual to go along side this! 

Army of TWO: The Devil’s Cartel RELEASE DATE!

by Oscar Venturaon November 1, 2012
Here at DRUL HQ, I can say that for the most part, we are big fans of Army of TWO! So without question, chances are high that this game will be on our priority list!