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DRULcast #236 – Frosted Decisions

by Oscar Venturaon May 8, 2018
Faced with difficult decisions, Oz explains his hard times playing 11bit Studio’s latest, Frost Punk. Jack gets annoyed at ads, and together they Marvel at greatness.

Beat Cop | Judgement

by Oscar Venturaon March 30, 2017
Ready to punch in and handle the beat? Patrol your street and write up some tickets, that’s what you’ll end up doing in Beat Cop. Now as boring as that may sound, the game does have some witty commentary to balance things out.

DRULcast #150 – Pricing Strategy

by Oscar Venturaon July 19, 2016
After a minor hiatus, Jack returns to talk with Oz! They gather to discuss travel plans, video games, and movies this week!

PAX East 2015: This War of Mine Update & Mobile Edition (11 bit studios)

by Oscar Venturaon March 7, 2015
We had the privilege to talk to Karol Zajaczkowski from 11 bit studios about This War of Mine. He gave us dates and details on the next major update for the game.

Anomaly 2

Anomaly 2 Review

by Mark Brunoon November 5, 2014
Anomaly is a game that takes the tower defense genre and flips it on its head. Termed a tower offense game by the developers, 11 bit studios, Anomaly 2 has players manning an army of machines on the attack against an alien race. There is a good amount of variety between each single player mission, […]


DRULcast #70 – Time Strikes Again

by Oscar Venturaon September 1, 2014
This week Jack and Oz discuss what is going on not only in life but in gaming news as well.

Anomaly Defenders Release date!

by Oscar Venturaon May 26, 2014
Finally! 11 bit Studios set a release date for their final installment in the Anomaly Series; Anomaly Defenders.


Keep an eye out: This War of Mine

by Oscar Venturaon May 15, 2014
Most games today are played in the first person and place you in the role of a soldier. Now let’s think about what is really going on, chances are there is a war happening, your objective is to eliminate the enemy…but what about the people who live in the cities or towns around you? They […]

Keep an eye out: Anomaly Defenders

by Oscar Venturaon May 9, 2014
11 bit studios has been really awesome to the DRUL crew, and treated us nice during our PAX East visit. We got a chance to demo Anomaly Defenders and we approve!