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How disappointing: Zynga Slots

by on November 15, 2012

The variety of Bonus levels were fun, and the Art work good, varies between each "machine".


RIGGED! Payout is horrible, leveling up is painfully slow and blatant to force you to purchase coins.


This game isn’t really worth a review, I almost considered not even writing this post, but then I thought about the time you could save by avoiding this Zynga Slots. I know that Zynga has been bashed for many reasons, from allegedly stealing games to having bugs in their games, to making games to straight up make money. This one falls in the last category of making money, and as a Slots game, it only makes sense right?

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A few months back I praised Lucky Gem Casino, a game from Facebook that I’ve stopped playing, not because it wasn’t fun anymore, but because Facebook has been the biggest pain in the ass to deal with as of late. Their games and all of the spam has reached a new high that eventually everyone will see and stop using Facebook. I find myself using it much less now days because of this very reason. This is a conversation to be had another day though.

Zynga Slots stoops as low as any slots game could possibly go, with your “cash” disappearing within minutes of playing the game! The payout rate is so ridiculous that I see myself winning 1 in every 10 spins. The bad part of this is that the win amount isn’t even enough to cover my next spin! Such a blatant way to make you feel good, because you won, but then quickly rip that apart by noticing how much you’ve won.

To cover their tracks a bit, they’ve included a “Coin Bonus” which allows you to earn a set number of coins every 5 minutes. Starting off, you earn 3 coins, which later moves up to 4 by leveling up. I would imagine it keeps rising after this but I have given up on this game at this point. The good thing is that they’ve added a notification system to let you know when you’ve reached a maximum amount of coins too. This means that they set limits to how many coins you can “bank” every 5 minutes you earn the coins. Banking them the first time around nets you a sweet 180 coins every hour. If your sticking to one slot, by the time you reach the fourth level of the slot, it costs 200 per spin, its not even worth waiting! After you keep leveling up by spending a certain amount per slot, you start to earn 240 coins per hour.

Sure the notification system is good to let you know that you have reached the maximum amount you can bank so you can go in and redeem it to start a new timer, but that’s just pointless if you can’t even continue to play the game until you earn more. The next thing this game has going for it is the variation of slot machines, in the same way Pop Cap Games introduced their previous titles as slot machines, Zynga does the same thing. They have different boards starting out from Wonderland, moving on to Sea Whirl’d, and then my personal favorite Zombie Dash. After those levels you get a slot machine based off their most popular game Farmville. They have 12 “machines” completed, with another 4 listed as “Coming Soon”. The variety is enough to enjoy but at what price?

Oh I know! The awesome price of anywhere from $4.99-$99.99! Come on Zynga, really? Even if you were ACTUALLY giving me money in a real slot machine I would never pay that price for the amount of coins your giving with them. Their “best value” is $20 for 6000 coins, at my current rate of max bet 200, That’s 30 spins! REALLY?! I’m not even going to take into consideration the “winnings” because honestly, there aren’t enough to even justify any extra spins.

I’ve gotten a free spin bonus, where I won 10 free spins. I thought sweet, this will extend my game! Instead, I won nothing! The one unique thing I have seen from this game is the Bonus Feature, which gives you a Jigsaw Puzzle, and depending on how many ‘Bonus’ icons are on the board, you get extra pieces. It displays a board, you simply tap on the pieces and it uncovers that part of the picture, while also earning you a bonus of coins. Once the puzzle is solved, you gain another bonus. The other bonus which is a lot more common early on is the Frenzy Bonus which is unlocked after spinning the reels a number of times, each Frenzy unlocked makes it longer to unlock again by an unknown number of spins. The Frenzy bonus lets you spin as many times as you can within a time limit which changes as you level up.

Now the main argument I have is null if I would just bet the minimum each time, but come on, its just a game, I need to bet max all the time, there’s just no way around that, where’s the fun? So over all, sure I did enjoy the idea of this game, but the payout is insane, the odds are rigged to their favor, as always, but this is over doing it!

Verdict: Avoid this game!

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