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Catching Z’s – Sleepwalker’s Journey review

by on November 26, 2012

The audio fits extremely well with the visual of this game. Not a single dull moment as you plan ahead.


No real motive to collect everything, just rush to complete the stage, unless your a perfectionist that is!


It turns out that 11 bit studios is back at it again! This time bringing us a new game to play called Sleepwalker’s Journey. Last we saw them, we reviewed Funky Smugglers, which until this day is still one of my favorite games to play due to its simplicity, how will their next title do? Let’s embark in this journey by simply dreaming!

The overall idea of the game is to guide your main character who is a Sleepwalker, towards his bed while completing 3 tasks in the process. As we all know, your not supposed to wake up a Sleepwalker, so you take that premise and manipulate the dreamy environment to complete the level. The score is based off of how many stars and moons are collected, as well as how fast you can get back to your bed!
Sure it may sound simple, but that’s far from the truth. The game starts off easily showing you how to slide platforms to get from point A to B, and how to move them as to avoid walking straight into them. Don’t worry though, there is a “time travel” feature which allows you to rewind until you accomplish what you set out to do, I mean, your dreaming… so anything is possible, what isn’t possibly is to stop time! So even though you can undo your mistakes, time still ticks away!
Easy right? yeah, but then we get pillows which reverse the direction your walking in, multi-levels of climbing you must do without falling, vents that make you gracefully glide up into the sky… the easy part suddenly disappeared…but now the fun has begun!

I had a blast playing this game, 11 bit studios definitely has a special place on any device I use for their games. They have surprised me with this one though, as each of their games are unique in their own kind, this one takes from your typical “Angry Birds” style where you earn up to three stars depending on how you did with the challenges. I don’t mind this at all, but it just feels old because just about every game now has it. What makes Sleepwalker’s Journey stick out is the gameplay, as described above, it is amazing. The graphics for this mobile game are also insane! It’s trippy and puts you into that “dreaming” atmosphere with its dark background and light foreground.

Buy or Pass?
The game is available for $0.99 on both Android and Apple products. This is a must buy!

Interested in buying Sleepwalker’s Journey

I couldn’t find anything wrong with this game, the amount of time I spent playing it made me realize how amazing 11 bit studios is. All of their games are completely different from each other and each one a hit. The feeling you get when guiding the Sleepwalker, being one step ahead, and realizing that something is about to go wrong is priceless. If a game can make me worry about a character, it has my stamp of approval. Despite being simple, it is still a challenging task and for that, this game is a must own.

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