Sony’s E3: Long-Awaited Greatness

by Mark Brunoon June 18, 2015
Sony delivered to fans announcements that have been years in the making, in what was one of their strongest conferences to date.

Just in time for Halloween – Slender: The Arrival

by Oscar Venturaon September 24, 2014
I still can’t believe how many news stories I’ve seen in recent months about the Slender Man. With that however brings us the console release of Slender: The Arrival on Xbox 360 and PlayStaion 3!

Grand Theft Auto V Coming To Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC!

by Oscar Venturaon September 13, 2014
The long awaited PC version of Grand Theft Auto V is finally being released, find out when!

Deep dive into Call of Duty: Advance Warfare Multiplayer

by Oscar Venturaon September 4, 2014
Let’s watch seven minutes of what the next Call of Duty game has in store for us!


The Behemoth – “Game 4”

by Oscar Venturaon August 25, 2014
My personal favorite studio, The Behemoth (creators behind Battle Block Theater and Castle Crashers), debuted a teaser trailer of their upcoming untitled game, Game 4.


Keep an eye out for SUPERHOT!

by Oscar Venturaon August 15, 2014
Watching a video of SUPERHOT game play doesn’t do it justice, it is definitely something to experience for yourself.

From PAYDAY 2 to The Walking Dead with Overkill and Skybound

by Oscar Venturaon August 13, 2014
Finally a Walking Dead game I should be able to support other than the series brought to us by Tell Tale Games!


Sunset Overdrive’s Multiplayer Experience – Chaos Squad

by Oscar Venturaon July 2, 2014
Wow, this looks extremely fun! We can’t wait for October in order to get the chaos started!

E3 2014: Tom Clancy’s The Division Official Gameplay Demo

by Oscar Venturaon June 9, 2014
As earlier noted that The Division was going to be delayed until 2015. That being said however, that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t be getting some nice game play footage during E3! The video above shows us yet another scenario in which players will have to work together in order to get results. Keep updated on […]